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Comprehensive Training Solutions:

From basic obedience commands like sit and stay to more complex skills such as loose leash walking and recall, our training programs cover a wide range of essential skills. We also address common behavioral issues like jumping, barking, and leash pulling, helping you overcome any challenges.

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Peace Love & Pit Bulls Kissing Booth

My pack is incredibly well-mannered, which allows me to frequently establish a “Kissing Booth” at local community events.

PL & P Cares

Peace Love an Pit Bulls has rescued dozen of dogs over the years, and has  genuine love for dogs and a passion for their well-being.


Peace Love & Pit Bulls has practical experience as it provides a broad range of strategies for dealing with different behaviors.


Peace Love & Pit Bulls has a solid understanding of dog behavior, breed-specific traits, and various training methods.


Every dog is different, so PL & P is flexible and able to adapt their training techniques to suit the individual dog’s personality, breed, and any behavioral issues.

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Highlighting the Continuous Journey of Our Success Stories: Unveiling the Cascade of Positive Experiences and Testimonials from Our Delighted and Overjoyed Customers Whose Satisfaction and Happiness Reinforce Our Commitment to Service Excellence

“Tino is an absolutely superb trainer. I became familiar with him after attending numerous training classes on Saturdays with LARPBO where he oversees between 30 to 40 dogs, many of which begin the session looking like they’re about to lose their minds. Somehow he’s able to keep both dog and owner focused and calm and leaving each class with a better relationship. I decided my dog could use some one-on-one training to help specifically with his aggression towards other dogs. In fact, I tried to just send him to a board and train with Tino, but his assessment was that my dog would be better off with twice a week privates with me there despite the fact that this would be less money for Tino. That’s a trainer who cares about the dog and about getting it right, not just taking your money. Most of all, what I like about Tino is that his number one priority is that you’re not hurting your dog while training them. I highly recommend Tino to any and every dog parent out there.” – Jeff

“Like any good teacher, there’s no cookie cutter process to teach or train people & their pets. Tino understands this and looks at each individual dog and owner and their unique situation and needs and provides appropriate guidance & training.
Tino literally saved a family of abandoned dogs that at first glance appeared aggressive but truly were just as fearful as those around them. Tino worked with a friendly senior named Kane and 2 fearful dogs Kane was heartbroken without. Tino, we are so grateful for your intervention and Training.” – Gina SEE THE STORY HERE

“I met Tino and from the first moment, I knew he was the right trainer. He took Galaxy’s leash and stepped away, and she was barking like crazy, but it was like he didn’t even notice. He wasn’t intimidated, he just waited her out and let her work through her fear.
Not even 5 minutes later, she was a completely different dog. And the difference was permanent. I never could’ve taken her out in public before him. I never could’ve had her around other dogs. I never would’ve learned why what I was doing wasn’t working. She loves people and wants to be everyone’s best friend. She’s happy and goofy, but she also knows when she needs to be on her best behavior. Honestly I can’t say enough about Tino and what he did for us. He knows dogs, he knows pit bulls, and he can make a big difference in your dog’s life.” – Jennifer

Decades of Experience

We have spent years perfecting our techniques

Your Trusted Source

Your go-to expert for all your canine training needs. Renowned for their dedication to humane, evidence-based training methods, with decades of experience.

Canine Obedience

Peace Love & Pit Bulls cater to dogs of all ages and breeds, offering everything from basic obedience training to specialized behavior modification.

Incredible Value

Peace Love & Pit Bulls services offers an unparalleled value proposition for dog owners. Our comprehensive, yet affordable, dog training services are designed to deliver exceptional results without straining your budget.

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