Tino and His Pack

Professional Dog Trainer for nearly 20 years serving the Las Vegas Valley.

My Name is Tino. Welcome and Thank You for Stopping by.

I think referrals say it best. I’m humbled, honored and appreciative of what my clients say about us.


Welcome to Peace Love and Pit Bulls! I am Tino, your dedicated trainer and passionate advocate for the graceful, yet often misunderstood breed. I fell in love with these amazing creatures years ago, drawn in by their tenacity, loyalty, and unyielding affection. My passion has since developed into a profound mission to transform the public’s perception of Pit Bulls through education, responsible training, and an enduring commitment to the betterment of this breed. Having amassed years of hands-on experience, I approach each canine with a blend of love, respect, and science-backed training techniques. My aim is not just to train your Pit Bull to follow basic commands, but to foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding between you and your furry friend. Together, we can cultivate the bonds of trust and create harmonious homes where humans and Pit Bulls can coexist peacefully, lovingly, and happily.


It all began 20 years ago, with a firm belief in the potential of every dog, regardless of breed, to learn, grow, and contribute positively to the dynamics of their families. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless breeds, each with their unique strengths and quirks, always viewing each training opportunity as a chance to learn and adapt. We proudly celebrate our specific focus on Pit Bulls, aiming to shed light on their innate qualities that are often shadowed by unfounded stereotypes. As we have expanded our knowledge and fine-tuned our methods, our commitment to shaping well-mannered, confident, and joyous dogs has only strengthened. The essence of Peace Love & Pit Bulls lies not just in teaching dogs, but in educating humans as well, establishing a bridge of understanding and mutual respect between the two. Our legacy of two decades is a testament to this belief and the beautiful transformations that such an approach can bring about.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to safeguard the lives of Pit Bulls by alleviating misunderstanding and fear. We strive to rehabilitate and train these remarkable dogs, emphasizing their true, loving nature. We are dedicated to tirelessly working towards rescuing as many Pit Bulls as possible from unfortunate circumstances, providing them with a second chance at life. We believe in the potential that resides in every Pit Bull and seek to advocate for their rights and their inherent value as companions.

Our vision is a world where Pit Bulls are cherished, not feared. We envision a society where these dogs are recognized and respected for their loyalty, resilience, and affectionate demeanor. By empowering dog owners through education and responsible training, we aim to drastically reduce the number of Pit Bulls facing untimely deaths. Our goal is to create a future where every Pit Bull has a loving, safe, and understanding home, where they are allowed to thrive and live a fulfilling, joyful life.